Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday's Doin's

Today has been a typically busy day for us. We are gearing up for winter here on several fronts. This morning we did our usual cleaning routine. I like to do a good job cleaning on Saturdays. It is nice on Sundays to know the house is in order for the upcoming week. I also did laundry, and the ironing for the week.

After lunch while the littles were down for a nap I rested for a while, then hit the sewing machine. I am STILL working on the girls' matching church dresses. They are quite involved with lots of work in them, but so far so good. I am pleased with the progress and how they are coming together. If all goes well, I should have them together by next weekend.

There was more wood stacking going on this afternoon as well. We won't be able to fit much more in the basement, and will have to stack on pallets outside the house and cover it with a tarp (that's tahp for us New Englanders, btw.).

More immediately are 5 bushels of apples that I will be making into applesauce over the next week, Lord willing. Well, we'll leave one bushel for eating on, but the rest go into jars. We have some left over from last winter so I don't have to do my usual 10 bushels or so this year.

Our wood stove is ready to use, but it has been too warm to mess with it. In fact, we haven't even been running the oil furnace. Thankfully this house holds in our bodies' btu's very well. Too well! I actually had to crack open a couple windows this past week on the warmer days. Don't tell Dale!

My nesting continues... sewing and general organizing and cleaning have been on my to-do lists everyday. I hit a new area every day or so. I am trying to take advantage of it while I can because I know that will wear off and then I will just be at that end of the pregnancy tiredness, and then good for nuthin' until after the recovery from birth.

Here is a pic of our current centerpiece on the table. I meant to post it a while back when I first put it on, but forgot, then went on vacation, and just plain hadn't gotten around to it yet. I love decorating for fall!

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