Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jerusha's Jumpers

Tuesday I finished up two jumpers I made for Jerusha. I had some trouble with lining the bodice, as it is all one piece. In other words, there was no openings for a zipper or buttons.. just a plain pull over style. I realized that was a whole different technique than doing the ling for a bodice with an opening. Once I got the technique figured out (thanks to Dana's blog! Thank youthankyouthankyou!) it worked very well, and has a very neat finish. Now if I could just get the little girl to pose as quickly and nicely...

I'm now conituing to work on the girls' matching dresses for church this winter. I have the collars on and faced, next is the sleeves. After that it will be just the buttons, buttonholes, skirt, and hems. For some reason after the bodice is done I always feel like I am "almost" done with a dress!

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