Monday, November 17, 2008

Eating Crow... at Least to Some Music!

Here is a freebie I found this morning. It is a free, downloadable, printable, arrangement of Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. Those who are proficient at the piano may enjoy that! I got the link from Abiding Radio, that you can stream in through the computer. They play very nice sacred Music. We have only heard a handful of songs that we didn't care for. Overall, an enjoyable resource, and pleasant background music.

Free Sheet Music

As for the eating crow.. I had to do that yesterday. We have been so busy here doing some extra cooking and getting ready for the Harvest dinner that I have totally ignored Dale's sweet warnings that I might be overdoing it. Actually, I believe he said I was indeed overdoing it. I figured that after a major meltdown Saturday, which seems to happen when I am fatiged and trying to cram too much into my schedule. However, I figured, after the Harvest Dinner, I could go to bed early, and be all perky for Sunday, ready to worship God.


When I opened my eyes Sunday I felt something like having been hit by a truck. My limbs were not enthusiastic when my brain told them to get out of bed. I had two cups of coffee and they didn't make a dent in my physical weariness. And that after a good night's sleep! I was so thankful it was Sunday and the only things I had to do was play the piano and sit in the pews with the kids. Oh, there was one other thing... I asked Dale for forgiveness for not listening to his advice. I was certainly paying for it. He just very sweetly gave me a hug and reminded me that I could do nothing all afternoon but sleep if I wanted. Well, I didn't sleep ALL afternoon, I laid on the bed and read, napped, read, napped, thinking that by evening I'd be all recovered, right?


Ugh! After doing NOTHING all day I was still bone tired. Not really sleepy, just unable to do much physically. We went to evening services, got home and I printed up some stuff for school today while the children got ready for bed and had a light snack, brushed teeth, etc. After they were in bed, Dale and I had our usually "date" snack, and then I went to bed to read, glad to have all night to lay down. As we prayed together and turned off the light, I thought, there, another good night's sleep and I'll be right as rain. Right?


Well, how long DOES it take to recover? LOL... I'm not as bad off as I was yesterday, but I am definately not my usual energetic (well, the 8th month of pregnancy version of "energetic") self. Today I have an appointment with my midwife at 4:30, then Dale and I will be doing the grocery shopping and some errands. It is going to be a busy evening, so I will be trying to set a good, slow pace for this morning and afternoon. There really isn't anything pressing today, just the usual "catch up" from a weekend. Lord willing some sewing. :)

FOR TODAY November 17th...

Outside my window... There is a powdery dusting of snow, and the smell of the woodstove in the air, and it is makes me feel very cozy, warm, and well provided for.

I am thinking... about what extra meals I would like to make this week to put in the freezer for after the baby is born.

I am thankful wise, sweet husband who loves me more than I deserve.

From the learning rooms... We are working on a bird unit study. This morning we are focussing on Purple martins, and song swallows. We are also starting a new read aloud book : "Pilgrims", a nonfiction to what we read last week: "Thanksgiving is on Thursday".

From the kitchen... Bread is being mixed up to bake later. It will still smell very good in the house!

I am wearing... a broomstick style skirt with autumn colors and a matching shirt, oversized to accomodate the baby bump. :)

I am creating... A happy, joyful, atmosphere in the home today, I hope! I have been very hormonal lately and need to watch my words and attitude.

I am going...for an appointment with my MW later today, and then running errands with Dale.

I am reading... Just the Bible and "Pilgrims" right now. I need to find something of interest to read in the evenings. I like to use that to unwind before going to sleep.

I am hoping... that my energy level will pick up over the next day or so, so I can get the applesauce canned!

I am hearing...Jerusha sing while she is doodling, dishes being washed by the twins, and the general soft buzz of children going about their morning chores.

Around the house... There is general picking up to do from over the busy weekend.

One of my favorite things... quilting! I keep eyeballing the quilt I want to be working on, but need to finish up the children's things first.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Get a couple meals in the freezer, do the applesauce, finish the girls' matching church dresses and get my jumper cut out.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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