Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking a Ride

One of my favorite times of the day is the quietness of the late evening after the children are in bed, well most of them anyway. Isaac tends to be up later despite my trying to get him to sleep at a decent hour. If I remember correctly I had a couple other kids that were like this too. Night owls. They take after their father.

So here I sit. I just did my nails. The cat is curled up next to me sleeping peacefully. All is so orderly and quiet.

Well, backtrack about 6 hours and you wouldn't have ever seen this coming!

Dale called me before he was supposed to leave work, as usual. The problem was, that he wasn't going to leave work, because the battery in the van gave up the ghost. So, I started shoving, pushing, hauling children around to use the bathroom, put on coats and shoes and lined them up so we could go pick Dale up.

Amidst the shoving, pushing, hauling, and packaging up the baby, I asked (told) Benjamin to take the littles out to the van and start getting them buckled in. I finished changing the baby's diaper, found the paper that I had the directions for Dale's work on (hey, I'm not GPS Super Woman, and there are a lot of turns getting to the warehouse at Cornell!) and realized Benjamin still hadn't taken the littles out to van. Upon my harried (impatient) inquiry, he said he couldn't find my key.

Well, that got my attention pretty quickly. He looked all through my purse. I looked through my purse. He looked through my jacket pockets. I looked through my jacket pockets. I checked my other purse. My other jacket. The diaper bag.

To no avail.

Where did those keys go? It's not like I go anywhere very often. Let's see the last place I went was to the Fibers of Faith at church and I had to unlock it, so... that brought me back to my jacket. Oh wait... they were actually in my tan bag with my knitting in it that I had with me at church the other night. Doh!

So, after much ado we were ready to go out to the van and the phone rang.

Dale called to say that he got the van running and he would just come home instead of hitting the store. For some reason he didn't want to break down on the main roads for the sake of milk and ham. Go figure.

Okay, everyone off with their coats, shoes, and lets get some picking up done!

Isaac started crying so I got him ready and just started nursing him when the phone rang.

Dale called. As soon as I saw his number I figured it out. The battery died. Not only did it die, apparently, the rod or whatever the thingie is corroded out.

Dale said he would baby it back to the parking lot for work.

I very quickly finished up with Isaac and then, the circus began again. I shoved, pushed, hauled, everyone through the bathroom, shoes and coat routine. At least this time I knew where the keys were!

After we picked Dale up we went to Aldi and got milk and a spiral ham (guess what is for supper tomorrow?). Then we stopped at Walmart for a new battery for the van, and some pureed peaches and baby cereal for Isaac. After a short discussion (we really weren't that efficient, just hungry) we decided to eat at Friendly's.

Our waitress (or do we say "server" now?") was awesome! She brought the kids crayons, told me how cute Isaac was, made sure we were well taken care of, and said how cute our kids were, and how very well behaved they are!

We left her a good tip.

We went back to the parking lot and Dale with Benjamin's help (or hindrance) got the new battery in, and viola, we were off .

But then, most people think we are "off" anyway.

We got home and the twins were rejoicing. Not because we were home, per se, but because they didn't have any supper dishes to do (guess whose turns it was?).

So, instead of a quiet (ahem... quiet??? with 7 screaming mimi's???) evening at home we were gallivanting all over town and eating high off the hog. But hey, the spice of life is variety, and it was fun to have an adventure!

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