Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not Wordless Wednesday Here!

Honestly, no words? You have to be kidding! I'm a writer, and I just have to write, given the opportunity! If I was a good photographer like my friend Amy, the Wordless Wednesday would be perfect. I'm not, so it's not, and now you all have to suffer through my cyber babbling.

Amid all the hustle and bustle of some, ah, ahem, stuff, I finally decided it was high time for some special holiday baking.

Except, I don't think "making candy" falls into the category of "baking" but so be it. We'll be doing some real baking later this week.

Every Wednesday one of the elderly gentlemen in our church works at a food pantry, and almost every Wednesday he brings us a box of goodies from said pantry. Here is a sampling of what the Lord provided for us this week:


Tomato soup...

Organic breads... grilled cheese sandwiches on the horizon to go with the soup! I have a bunch of hoop cheese I got from the food pantry a couple weeks ago I think I might be able to use too!

Okay, these veggies are Chinese and Japanese eggplant. Anyone know what to do with them? Yohoo, Shellee W.! Waving at you here... what do I do with Japanese eggplant? Or is it one of those weird things that say a foreign name on it and is really wholly American?

If you look carefully, you'll see GREEN cherries (for the holidays). Those little puppies are $3.69 for only 4 oz. in the store! (according to the tag still on it)

This sweet dill marinade would be good with the turkey!

I always laugh at the bagels. I am a bagel snob. But I think the Lord wants me to learn to NOT be a bagel snob. These bagels we get from the food pantry look harmless, but believe me, you can break teeth on them, unless they are extremely well buttered. Even then, they give my crowns a run for their money.

I have to go and get back to some ah, um, er... stuff. What that stuff is everyone will have to wait until after the holidays. :)

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