Friday, December 11, 2009


This time of year is filled with lots of secrets in our house. There is a lot of expectation and anticipation. I love it! When Christmas morning hits I am almost disappointed because it marks the end of the anticipation of things to come.

There are many secret projects going on right now. My lack of blogging lately isn't just because of time constraints, but also because the subject matter presently is top secret. There are some readers who aren't allowed in on the secrets until later this month. :)

While I am working away at some of these projects, I am thinking about one in particular that I can't wait to get to! It is for a certain family member and involves these items:

Who it is for and what it is will be revealed in a couple of weeks. :P

Meanwhile, I have beef stew simmering in the crock pot, the wood stove keeping us toasty warm in our winter weather, Christmas music playing, and enjoying the act of making gifts and the anticipation of the season. It's just plain ol' fun!

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