Monday, August 4, 2008

Whirlwind of activity at the 'Hive!

Okay, fair warning: This post could make you ready for a nap!

This morning we did the following:
*Weeded in the vegetable garden
*Weeded the church walkway
*Weeded the memorial garden
*cut back some of the bushes and such
*Wash and hung out a TON of laundry
*Picked green beans
*washed green beans
*cut green beans
Not to mention the usual tidying up and kitchen clean up after breakfast. Oh, and that was all before lunch! It is gorgeous here today, 80's, low humidity, nice breeze. You know, the type of weather that makes you want to be outside as much as possible.

This afternoon is blanching and freezing the green beans, and doing a few little things left to do for VBS tonight.

What a contrast between this Monday and last Monday. Today the children have been very diligent in their helping. They got through their chores well, and were willing hands as we worked outside. They are rewarded with lots of free time this afternoon, which I hope they enjoy. They won't have so much of it when we start school next week. Mwhahahahaha!

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