Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garden Frustrations

I have to say that while I am thankful for what produce we got out of the garden this year, that overall I am disappointed and frustrated. We were able to get a goodly amount of green beans, and a few squash, but basically everything else was a failure.

The last three summers have been like that (since we moved). Our old garden was half the size, but we got at least twice as much produce out of it. Things grew very well. Not so with this garden! The soil is lacking nutrients, from what I can tell. I had hoped after a couple years we'd start seeing improvement. Well, this fall we are spreading compost and manure, letting it settle in, then adding another layer of manure in the spring (hopefully), before plowing. We tried some store bought fertilizer and that didn't do a thing.

All that time wasted is so frustrating! I could have been cleaning the basement, or repapering the kitchen, or redoing the living room, etc. Right now I am ready to say "forget it!" for next year, but I know come spring, I'll try again. If all the manure and compost doesn't work then I may very well give up except for peas, grean beans, and potatoes, which all usually grow well enough.

Our green bean plants are dying off, so I don't think we'll be able to get much more out of them. There are a few ears of corn, but not enough to freeze. Other than that, the garden is done. Maybe I should try mostly flowers next time? I know, you can't eat them, but the way our garden has been going, we can't eat most of that either. At least with flowers it will look prettier!

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