Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More "Beesyness"

This morning I mowed around the church, and our yard. It wasn't that big of a deal as I did it all on the rider mower. Elizabeth, ever the diligent one, came out every 20 minutes or so with some ice water for me. Wasn't that sweet? Meanwhile, Benjamin was picking up the yard, Esther and Jerusha were a team folding laundry and then playing outside, and Josiah and Caleb were on for tidying up the boys room and help with whatever folding was left. Elizabeth's assigned job was kitchen work; making bread and washing the breakfast and baking dishes. She did that and then went above and beyond the call of duty and surprised me by mopping the floors! They were all good helpers but Elizabeth gets the honorable mention for seeing a job, and getting it done without being asked.

This afternoon after some quiet time work the kids will be picking up stick and branches in our neighbor's yard. She offered to pay them some money for the VBS offering. I told them they could as they were once again good helpers to me this morning.

I need to make an offering chart for VBS tonight (I knew I forgot something yesterday!) and maybe do some sewing on a baby quilt. Oh, yes, I got my free motion foot in yesterday so I can't wait to do the quilting! Woohoo! VBS last night went well enough, and we expect things to go even more smoothly since we did some ironing out of details yesterday.

We found out yesterday afternoon that the Catatonk Baptist Church ( a "sister" church near here) can no longer use their building. Apparently around 8:30 yesterday
morning a lady in a pick up truck drove partway through their church. She fell asleep at the wheel, her foot fell on the gas pedal, and she in the ditch, went airborne, and directly through a concrete wall, their fellowship hall and ended up in their nursery area. Thankfully it was at a time when no one was in the building. It would have been very tragic had it been Sunday morning and the church was filled with families. The whole building didn't come down, but obviously the part the truck went through is in ruins, and made the rest of the structure unstable. They are trying to figure out where to meet, and what to do. They WERE planning on adding onto the church, but I don't think this was what they had in mind. The driver was listed in "serious" condition last night. The pastor and his wife went to visit her in the hospital, and their church will be sending flowers and a card. It warmed our hearts to see how even though they are a little shell shocked from this, they are still making the effort to be a witness for the Lord to the driver.

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