Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rains on the Just and the Unjust

I cannot believe the rain the Midwest is getting! I have heard reports from some of the ladies out there and my heart and prayers go out to them. I wish there was some way we could take a storm or two from them. We actually need rain here! We aren't in a drought, but we are very dry.

We had a little water scare the other day. I went to rinse something in the kitchen and there was no water. Ack! Talk about panic. It was one of those really hot and humid days. Come to find out the pressure thingie on the pump stuck. The only fix it needed was a whack with the butt of a screwdriver to kick it back into functionality. Whew!

Today is the second day in a row where we haven't needed the AC on! It is about 78 degrees. Yesterday got up to 82, and I remember thinking, "wow, I wonder what the dew point is, it feels so dry." When I checked, it was 63! You know it is bad when you think a dp of 63 is low. I haven't checked for today, but it feels at least what it was yesterday, if not a little lower. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90 again, with Tstorms at some point. Then back down to 80 the next day, and even in the mid 70's next week some.

This morning I pushed things a bit to get a few things done. I altered the swim dress patterns after chores were done. By the time that was completed it really knocked me out and I had to lay down. I realized this morning that the material I have for the swim dresses is green. Hardy har har. Maybe I will start cutting them out tomorrow. I will try to do, say one a day, if I can. I tend to get going on it and want to get it all done. Oops! I believe Dale told me this morning to don't over do, and don't push?

The garden is still in need of some serious weeding. After the littles are up from naps I plan on taking them outside and letting them play in the sprinkler. I *might" sneak over and pull a few weeks. My poor veggies are getting choked out!

Oh yeah, don't forget, Sunday is Father's Day.

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