Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bright ideas and NO ambition

After being in the 90's with HIGH humidity since last Friday, we are enjoying a little break. 80's today, though still humid. We turned off the AC last night and threw open the windows and fanned in fresh, cool overnight air. I love the AC, don't get me wrong, but I prefer fresh air when the weather allows.

I woke up this morning thinking I need to address the girls "swim dress" situation very soon. Jerusha needs a couple more play outfits too. So yesterday I did some digging and found an appropriate, easy pattern. It is an A-line dress, and I will make bloomers to go with them for playing in the water. I had intended to use lycra, but that is too spendy for us right now, so I will use some poly/cottom material I got on sale last fall.

I need to alter the pattern slightly. My girls run long and lanky for their age. I was going to do that this morning, but after hanging the laundry I wandered out to the garden, noticing it needs weeding badly. I had intended on shooeing everyone out so we could work on it, but when I got back in I felt rather nauseous, so decided I better lay down on the couch for a while. That worked out well as some of the children were still working on chores, and Esther was reading to Jerusha.

I just finished "A Whisper in the Dark" by Louisa May Alcott. Very good read! I guess my ambitions for today are "surving" not "thriving". LOL. At least I figured out what I need to do with those swim dresses! That is half the work .

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