Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is There Any Sound So Wonderful?

We heard the baby's heart beat yesterday at my MW appt. It took a little hunting to find it since the baby kept moving around, but we were both determined to outguess the baby.

That was the hightlight of the appt., the boring stuff like blood pressure, weight gain, urine test, etc, were all normal. :)

It is weird how even after hearing the heartbeat this pregnancy still seems surreal to me. Maybe once I start feeling movement then I will be able to realize it more. Of course, when the baby is born, that will REALLY make it real! ;)

Yesterday we went to the VBS closing program at a neighboring church. The children had gone every night (except Wednesday, of course). I thought I would be very green by the time we got home after being out most of the late afternoon, but it wasn't too bad, and I was grateful. Perhaps that is testimony to the all day sickness being on its way out. More likely a testiment of God giving strength when needed.

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