Monday, June 30, 2008

One Project to the Next

Our garden was overrun with lots of tall, hardy weeds. After we planted we got some rain, and since I was feeling so icky, the weeding got wayyyyy behind. After a week of intense weeding, we found the vegetable plants, and this was the pleasing result:

The VERY SAME day we got done catching up in the garden, this was delivered:

That would be 15 cords of wood for us this winter! The children were all excited then suddenly something dawned it all has to be stacked! The outcry in the house went from "oh goodie, they delivered the wood" to "OH NO... Do we have to stack it?".

On the note of the wood, it is seasoned, already cut wood. Already it has gone up $150 from last year for the load! I shudder to think what fuel oil is going to be like this winter. Ack!

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