Friday, June 6, 2008

Playing Catch Up

The last few weeks around here have been very busy. We have completed school for now, Yay! Actually, I miss the morning routine we had going. The kids don't. :) I just need to do up the quarterly reports, and send in an IHIP form for next term.

We had our End of the Year recital/ Birthday Bash on the 31st. It went well, and we enjoyed having a house full of company. My brother and his family were here for several days, and we appreciated the time we had with them.

We finally finished planting our vegetable garden last night. Whew! We are looking at a heat wave coming in here today and over the weekend and wanted to get it in before then. The only problem is that the squash got planted next to the pumpkins, which is a No-no, since they cross polinate and make gourds. So, we decided we would dig up the pumpkin seeds and plant them around the house, maybe.

On a more personal note, we found out we are expecting our 8th blessing. I also found out while my brother was here that my sis in law is expecting too, just a week or two ahead of me. Seems to be a baby boom this December! I had an ultrasound to make sure we had a somewhat accurate date for the EDD. Everything looks good. In fact, the baby looked like he was waving to us.

In the meantime I am feeling the usual all day sickness, though it doesn't seem as bad this time as last. Perhaps it is due to having some hormones left over from Aaron, I don't know. I can't do much, but I seem to be tolerating it better.

The same day I had the ultrasound, we went and picked out Aaron's headstone. It was kind of a wierd day, to say the least. It will take about a month for it to get done and set. I will post a pic after it is completed.

My mom has been here all this week which has been a huge blessing! She has been doing a lion's share of the cooking. It is much easier to eat if I don't have to cook it! She made a "stuffed pepper soup" last night which was very tastey. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

So, there we are! Never a dull moment around here, as you can tell.

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