Friday, February 24, 2012

WIP New England Shawl

Since knitting for the family is caught up for the moment, I have been working on a shawl for me. I'm using Chroma Fingering Weight yarn, colorway: New England. Working with this yarn is a joy. It is SO soft! I love the color blending. Throughout the skein are wonderful autumn type colors that remind of my ol' stomping grounds in the Fall. Gorgeous! The pattern is a freebie from Ravelry, called "Azzu's Shawl" by Emma Fassio. I'm only on row 45, but so far it has been an easy knit. It is a very versatile pattern. You can basically use any yarn, any sized needle. It will change the dimensions of the shawl of course, but the fun part is that you get a completely different look from bulky yarn, than you would, say, fingering weight yarn. I think this is a great beginner lace pattern, thought it is more stockinette stitch than lace. The yarn-overs add interest, and of course, the increases that give the shawl it's shape.

It is family fun night here, and we are having "game night". Popcorn is getting made, and the Yahtzee, Monopoly, and who knows what else is making an appearance.



Duane and Shellee said...

Lisa, it's gorgeous!! How did you learn to knot and how long have you been knitting now, I think you do a great job!! Do they make fuzzy yarn, for fuzzy socks? I would need a knitting dummies book for sure!


Lisa said...

Thank you Shellee! I started knitting about years ago. I had learned to crochet more than 20 years ago, but I have to admit, I never got that much into it rather than learning the basics. Yes, they make fuzzy yarn, ribbon yarn, eyelash yarn, sequence yarn, every kind of yarn you can think of! There are a TON of free "Learn to Knit" tutorials online! You can do it!

We NEED to skype soon! Oiy! It has been wayyyyyy too long my friend!

Lisa said...

That is... "I started knitting about years ago..." Ugh. I think my "4" sticks and I didn't notice it before I posted. Sorry about that!


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

I love the color you've chosen for your shawl! It's beautiful! I've added a few lace shawls to my Ravelry favorites too. There are just too many patterns on there to try! LOL

I'm using this yarn for socks for my DD:

I'm using the Mermaid Lagoon color. :)

I can't post pictures of it for a while. I'm working on it incognito because it's for her Christmas present. I know, it's early. LOL If you look on my Ravelry favorites, it is the Jaywalker pattern. :)

Lisa said...

Love that Mermaid Lagoon colorway! Your dd will love the socks!