Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pluggin' Away

My mom was out this weekend (for a long weekend, anyway!) which was a nice break from the usual, whatever that is. Actually, she isn't really "company", so most of the "usual" occurs anyway. All that to say... it was good to see her! LOL

I've been working on my projects as much as I can. Josiah's socks are halfway done. that means, for the method I am knitting them, that one full sock is done, and it's time to cast on for the second one. I am using a basic sock pattern, but all my socks have a common ailment: the cuffs are looser than I like them. I've even decreased the number of cast on stitches to make them tighter, then increase to the required amount the pattern calls for in the first row after the cuff, but they still seem loose. Maybe it is just a "thing" with hand knit socks?

Jerusha's sweater is coming along. I'm up to the yoke and quite pleased with how it is coming out. I measured her several times, and knit the proper inches, but I'm still thinking I should have knit the body longer. Looks can be deceiving, so I held it up to her, and it seems fine. She is so long waisted that I find I can never really add to much to the length of things anyway!

Caleb's quilt is also coming along. I have to finish putting the top together, and get the borders on. I have one more BOM of the month for the online free class I am taking to do, but since it is only early February, I obviously have plenty of time left for that.

Dale has been getting in some work here and there. It is such a slow time of year for him! It is nice to have him around, and slightly distracting, but in a good way.

Duty calls, so I must go! Have a great day!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Catching up on all your posts...your knitting/quilting projects are so nice, Lisa!!

Praying for peace and complete healing from your miscarriage! :(