Thursday, February 23, 2012

Never Enough Time

It seems like I always have more projects planned than what I will ever get to, whether it be sewing, knitting, home improvement, etc. I know everyone has the same amount of time each day, but it is more than evident some use it more wisely than others.

Sometimes though, I have to wonder, what "more wisely" really means, if that makes sense.

We home school, so the bulk of our day is wrapped up in that for the most part. However, while Dale has been home on lay off, I've been trying to get more writing time in.

(Oh gasp.. did I just end that sentence with a preposition? Oh horrors. Just for the record, there is a surprising amount of controversy over when that might be acceptable. However, in the instance of professional writing, I say... that is what editors are for.)

Even with the bonus of having Dale home, I still find it hard to get in as much writing time as I want. Some days, like today, I did all I could do. Other days, I feel like I had much more to do before quitting for the day.

My ongoing dilemma is that when I spend time doing one thing, something else is always neglected. That is to be expected, I suppose. I'm sure I'm not the only person, home schooling or not, parent or not, married or not, stay at home mom or not, to face this.

For example, if I spend time writing, then I'm not sewing. So, something in my project list, whether it be a quilt I want to give away, or something for the family, is neglected. If I sew, then the writing isn't getting done. If I knit, then neither of those two things are getting done. If I fold laundry, then the kitchen isn't getting decluttered or organized. If I detail clean the kitchen, then the downstairs isn't being decluttered.

You get the idea.

The idea is to strike a balance, I know that, but yet I have trouble over not feeling guilty about what isn't getting my attention. I should feel satisfied that something, anything, is getting done, and enjoy the moment of what I am working on. Instead, I usually feel a little guilty over what is neglected. It is a vicious circle.

Then there are phases I go through where I am very laid back about it, and am perfectly happy to get to three things on my "To Do" list, out of say, 100 things, and call it a successful day. Those days, I feel very at peace, and none of that irritating, background conflict going on.

Setting priorities is helpful. Not always easy, as sometimes every little thing I have to do seems like top priority. Other days, my way is clear, and going down the list is painless and fun.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have to deal with all of this.

There is something I know for sure: Over the years I have learned that I have got to have a little time to be creative. If I don't, it gets ugly. I mean, realllly ugly. And like my husband once said, "If Mama ain't happy, then there ain't no one gonna be happy."

Part of my creativity today was to finish quilting a baby quilt. I found I had some time to also make the binding for the quilt, and for Caleb's quilt as well. I don't know what it is about making binding, but I find it very "Zen".

I hope you all found a peaceful balance between practical productivity and carefree creativity today!

(Now seriously, wasn't that the longest way around the cow shed to say "Look at the binding I made today? PFFFFT! :) )

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Anonymous said...

You always make me smile! 😊. I agree completely about the never enough time......