Monday, February 13, 2012

Irons In the Fire

Like everyone else, our family has plenty of irons in the fires.

Speaking of irons, a couple of posts ago I alluded to a certain vintage waffle iron we recently inherited. Esther tried it out Friday morning, and the results were YUMOLA!

We used both the "New" (Old vintage one) and the "Old" (new one, we got for Christmas... is that all confusing enough for you? It's like the Star Wars episodes. The "New" ones are actually the "Old" ones because of the order of the episodes, etc. But I digress.)

Anyway, breakfast was inhaled by the locusts, despite the gazillion waffles that were made.

I finished Jerusha's very bright sweater today. At least I'll be able to spot her in a crowd. I forgot to get buttons when I was up at JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago (I was distracted by some wicked gorgeous yarn at the yarn store in the same plaza, left my gloves, then had to go retrieve them. I was getting some good ribbing from my Mom, who for some unknown reason was cajoled into driving me to the craft stores... normally she is intolerant of us artists getting inspiration in such a maddeningly meandering type of way. She was convinced that I left my gloves on purpose just so I could go back into the wool shop as I spent an inordinate amount of time drooling over certain bargain skeins of yarn. But, I digress, yet again.)

Anyway, I let Jerusha look through my meager stash of buttons to see if there was anything she liked and she found these buttons. If there had been 4 of the dragonflies... um, excuse, BUTTERFLIES.... (there was some debate with the older children which insect the buttons really depicted... but I better cut short that story here before I digress a third time and lose my small following of readers altogether) it would have been perfect. There were only three leftover from a project from several years ago. Happily, she found that heart metal button and fell in love with it (pun I'll scare everyone off with bad jokes!).

The sweater was a very easy knit, though picking up stitches for the yoke was tedious, but not difficult.

I have plenty of the bright, pink, "got sunglasses?" yarn left. I'm thinking about making her some legwarmers to go with the sweater. For now I just put it aside. I need a break from it. Whew!

Dale and Benjamin start their second semester of Baptist History class they are taking at a neighboring church, tonight. That will be every Monday night until about the middle of May, from what I understand.

I've been getting back to the gym on a pretty regular basis, though my workouts are still not as challenging as I usually like. I think I am ready to try a nice, easy, jog this week. I'll also be starting up with some light weight training.

Caleb's quilt front is finished, and I've been working on piecing the back. I had quite a few pieces of varying sizes, though it is hard to see from a distance, leftover from the strip cutting. I've realized that this piecing is like making another quilt, but the time is all said and done. I just hate to see the fabric get stashed away when I can use it right now, and it matches the front perfectly. Hopefully I'll have that done and sandwiched by this weekend.

Oh, and guess what? Over the weekend we actually got measurably, plowable snow! Woot!

Of course, it mostly turned to mud by the end of today, but maybe we'll get more, eh?

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Mamachildress said...

I've been waiting for this sweater to be finished! Yay! It looks so adorable! (so does the little girl in it!) Great job Lisa.
Your snow looks very pretty... and cold. I'm ready for spring. :-)