Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Some of the best things in life are just simply enjoying life, don't you think? So many everyday activities can seem enhanced if you just look for the beauty in them. Here are some things that have been our simple pleasures here lately:

This old chair we got for free a few years ago is made out of hard wood, but that didn't hold up against a certain child stepping on the seat, after turning the chair upside down. Dale was able to fix it, and is now back in its proper place.

Isaac watched Dale for a while then decided to do some building of his own.

It's hard to believe it is early February. Not because of how fast time seems to be going, but rather, the weather is more like early spring! I can't believe it is supposedly winter. I'm very disappointed in this season. Where did the snow go? None of us could resist getting outside today, and Josiah and Elizabeth enjoyed some down time laying out by the bank. If you look in the left, top corner, you can see what little is left of the snow we had a while back.

Dale did a quick tune up on my bike, and I went out riding around the neighborhood today. I got some pictures down at the creek while Josiah and Elizabeth were there.

Caleb has an old, "vintage" type bike. Since I was out and about on mine, he talked Benjamin into giving his old clunker a tune up too.

My mom was out over the weekend and brought us a waffle iron. The old kind, made of heavy metal, that will do 4 waffles at a time. I have to say, I was very excited over this! They don't make them like that anymore! Esther was also excited, and we are going to try using it tomorrow morning for breakfast.

And possibly the best part is that my mom still had the original instruction manual. I should mention that it was actually my Grandmother's waffle iron originally. The copyright in the manual is 1954. How cool is that!!!!

Also, included with the iron, are two griddles that attach to the unit in case I want to do pancakes on them, instead of doing waffles. They really do NOT make them like this anymore!

Oh, yeah... Esther has informed me that she wants it when she grows up and gets married and has kids. Pfffft. We'll see.


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Melissa said...

Thank you for this!!! I need to remember to "stop and smell the roses" again. I was enjoying the simple joys of life through/after all my Ansen stuff, but then life got all crazy again with Doug losing his job/financial issues due to that/craziness of me figuring out my days/schooling with 6 kids/etc. I kinda had this priority lost in the shuffle of life in last year (trying to do so but then getting myself lost in other matters).... So I see your post as my little whisper from God to get my life back on track, with my focus being on enjoying/welcoming/thanking God for each day for what it is (good or bad). Thank you Lisa!!! *hug*