Sunday, February 19, 2012

Charity Blocks

I've finished the two blocks I committed to knitting for the block party I mentioned earlier. If I have time before the due date, I'll do another one, but for now I'm working on Josiah's socks. I admit it, I think I may be addicted to knitting socks. It is so homey, so relaxing, and what says " I love you " more than a hand knitted pair of socks? or hand made ANYTHING for that matter? Anyway, the charity blocks are made from the same scrap yarn, but one is a Basket weave stitch, and the other is a simple, easy, triangle motif.

We had a good service today, and a Fellowship Dinner after. Tons of food! Everyone I talked to complained of eating too much. :) I made home made macaroni and cheese, and Esther whipped up a batch of pistachio pudding. The pudding didn't set very well for some reason. I've no clue why, as she followed the directions, and it was the boxed, instant kind. Maybe it sat on the shelf before using too long? *shrug*

I'm off to convince Dale he should take a nap (He is still fighting that cold) and maybe I'll work on some knitting or quilting.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day!

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