Thursday, January 5, 2012

Water Wonders Free E-book

Here is a treasure for sure! The Homeschool Freebie of the Day had this freebie yesterday, still available today! Here is an excerpt from the description:

"Today we have this vintage “nature lessons” book for young students, with delightful chapters all about the wonders and mysteries of dew, frost, ice, snow and rain. This book is very well-written, with a gentle, “Charlotte Mason” style tone, and filled with dozens of close-up photographs by none other than the “Snowflake Man” himself, Wilson Bentley"

You can get this book here. Scroll down to the January 4th giveaway.

My son Caleb is starting it today. I was looking for something "Science" for him and this fit the bill perfectly. We'll be doing it Charlotte Mason style with reading and written and oral narration to me or Daddy.

I think I can modify this for Jerusha as well, and have her learn about the many varied and wonderful properties of water.


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