Friday, January 6, 2012

Esther's 3 Hour Hat

I promise this is the last "hat" for a while! Esther was very excited to receive her hat, and wore it all day (yes, inside) and slept with it, I think.

I've started on the girls' fingerless gloves. I've had to adapt the pattern as the yarn I am using is only 4 ply worsted instead 8 or 10. Also, Esther has especially long, thin hands. I'm almost halfway done with the first glove. I'm hoping to finish hers up by the end of this weekend and get started on Elizabeth's.

I've picked out a quick and easy cowl pattern as it is evident I'm going to have lots of yarn left over from the girls' fingerless gloves. I'm just a little worried about the weight of the yarn and the pattern, but I can always "adjust" that too by adding more repeats of the stitch pattern. Or I can just scratch the cowl project and do scarves, but the girls have wanted me to make them cowls since they saw me working on my mother's. It won't be the same pattern, but it should still fulfill their cowl cravings.

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