Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fancy Nancy Tea Party Time!

Jerusha has been patiently waiting for a time when we could do a tea party, Fancy Nancy style of course. I was given an invitation, but had to respectfully decline due to being "green", but I did get some pictures.

The rules were, you HAD to dress up some. You could bring a guest, but they had to dress up too. Um, in this case, "guest" meant a stuffed animal or doll. The girls spent much time dressing up their Yoshi stuffed animals. Jerusha had her Fancy Nancy doll all decked out. What struck me as funny, with all the glitter and glam on the girls and their "guests", Caleb, the only boy to accept the invitation (due to the promised snacks I suspect) threw on a button down shirt, hat, and put a hooded sweatshirt on his guest. That was good enough for him.

Jerusha and Elizabeth... all decked out!

Elizabeth's guest, Yoshi:

Esther's outfit:

Esther's guest, Yoshi:

Caleb and his guest:

For refreshments were cheese and crackers, apples topped with raisins, chocolate cookie bits, and milk. It was too warm for tea. In January. In the north east. Go figure.

They had a little contest to see who could win certain categories of "Fancy-Nancy-i-ness". The results were:

1.Best out fit: The winner of this was Caleb.

2.Best stuffed animal: Jerusha Fancy Nancy Doll... of course!

3.Most funny person: Esther

4.Who acted most like Fancy Nancy: Jerusha (Esther told me Caleb was definitely NOT in the running for this category as he let out a very UN-Fancy Nancy-like belch in the middle of the festivities. He was promptly corrected by all the girls by them yelling at him "That is NOT a polite thing to do!") Esther did say that they were very glad Caleb was there anyway, and that he was a lot of fun.

5.Who was the "star" of the party: Elizabeth.

I think they had a very enjoyable time at the tea party!

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Grand Mermaid Van said...

I wish I could have attended. The treats look yummy and I love everyone's outfits. I can't wait to see pictures of the birthday bash. I assume that it will also be FANCY.