Monday, January 16, 2012

Of Baking, Crafting, and Homemaking

It is another day of winter here! We hit at least -7 degrees overnight, and by 8 a.m., we were up to a whopping 0 degrees. By lunch we hit 30, which felt like a heat wave.

There really isn't anything remarkable going on here. This morning we spent some time catching up on some cleaning that never got done over the weekend. We also have been prepping for quarterly reports which means making sure scores are recorded in every one's weekly logs, and the logs filled out, put in chronological order, and given to me for my records. This week I will go through all the second quarter logs and do up the grades. Hopefully, this will be much easier than the first quarter. That was a miserable experience, to be sure!

Even though our life is pretty tame and routine, that doesn't mean I can't find points of interest and enjoyment during the day. For example, when Isaac first wakes up he is very snuggly. I love that first 20 minutes or so when he just wants to snuggle up in my lap with his juice, and wake up gradually, gently. This morning he seemed to require more time than usual. Maybe it was because he was up earlier than his regular time. Or maybe because it was a tad cooler in the house than normal. Whatever the cause, we had a nice, long, snuggle session. When he wanted "down" I let him. He got involved playing so I went into my room to make the bed and start folding laundry.

When I make the bed I throw our pillows on a chair in the corner of the room. Isaac wandered in during this process, and promptly made himself comfortable while I worked.

Cold days I am reminded how thankful I am for the wood stove, our main source of heat. The kids grumbled at one point or another while we were stacking last year, but I told them to just think about those frigid days when all we want to do is cozy up by the wood stove. How thankful we will be to have it all stacked! We stack as much as we can in our little basement, then stack the rest outside, and cover it with a couple of tarps.

Esther, my chief baker, has been experimenting with some new recipes. She got this book from her grandparents for Christmas:

She took the paper cover off the book because it was driving her crazy with it falling off, ripping, and whatnot. Over the weekend she made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, using the recipe in the book. She did a really good job!

I'm still not much into sewing again, yet. I do however, have a goal to finish Benjamin's bathrobe this week. I managed to get quite a bit done on Friday, as I was feeling pretty well, and found if I chewed minty gum, I could put up with the sewing longer. Go figure! Don't you love the first trimester? Anyway, I'm hoping to get his bathrobe done so I can focus on some quilting. That will be my reward until I need to get started on the Spring/Summer sewing, which I won't force myself to tackle just yet.

I'm still gradually working on my Kindle Cover. I'm about 35% done with it. The seed stitching is so tedious!

I got a good start on Josiah's first sock. I am finding that knitting with #1 needles takes a little while!

I got a little work done on my Bella Blouse yesterday after my fingers started cramping up from using the tiny needles and thin yarn. I enjoy working with fingering weight yarn, however, and was soon back at it.

On Saturday I was browsing some patterns from KnitPicks, and Jerusha saw a cute little sweater she liked. I haven't really made anything for her yet, and the pattern looked easy enough, so I told her I would get it, and she could pick out the yarn. Well, the yarn she picked out is called "Watermelon". It might better be called "Blinded By Pink". I'm going to need sunglasses to work on her sweater, I think. All are being shipped, so in the meantime I'll keep plugging away at Josiah's socks and my Kindle Cozy.

Take time today to appreciate 3 ordinary things in your life. Right now, I'm appreciating the gorgeous winter sunlight coming in my living room window. :)

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