Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to Make the Waffles

A few days ago we received a package in the mail from one of Dale's older brothers. It was a Christmas gift for the family. We tore open the package to find a waffle griddle! Oh joy! I've always wanted to do homemade waffles (store bought ones are SO spendy!) but never bought the griddle, and justified it by saying it would take too long to do waffles for everyone, etc.

Well, once I saw what it was I forgot about the time factor, and figured on a lazy Saturday morning, it would be perfect!

Esther had other ideas. My littler baker immediately started begging to make waffles for breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, whenever I would allow it. I told her she could make them this morning, but that she had to be up early enough so that we could still go about our usual Friday schedule.

True to her word, she was up with Dale, made him the first waffles, and then made them to order as the rest of us staggered our way out to the kitchen.

(Note: Esther was so excited about making waffles she forgot her hat! LOL)

Here is the breakfast that was hot on the table when I got out of the shower this morning:

Esther promised she would make a thank you note using her new calligraphy skills to send today.

Today is a pretty easy day of school for us, and I'm going to try and work up enough gumption to work on Benjamin's bathrobe. Jerusha's birthday is coming up and I need to figure out what to get/make for her. She just got a Fancy Nancy 18 inch doll and I checked out doll clothes. WOW! They are SPENDY! Some of them cost more than the clothes I buy for the family! So, I'm trolling Ebay and whatnot for patterns, but wondering if I will have patience to make those teeny tine garments. Ugh. I have a friend who got some doll clothes for her granddaughter last spring from a private seller around here. I think I will call her and find out if she still has the lady's number. She makes doll clothes for fun and then just sells them wicked cheap. I mean cheap... like a 1$ a garment. And they have all the trim, and accessories, etc. That is probably more my speed. LOL

I'm getting the itch to quilt again, but I promised Benjamin that bathrobe. That project has been sitting on my "to do" pile way too long!

Off for another cuppa and see how the residual waffle making is going. Surely we must be about out of batter by now!

Have a wonderful day!

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