Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elizabeth's 3 Hour Hat

I still don't know how long the "3 Hour Hat" is taking me. I should just try one evening to spend three hours knitting and see how far I get on one of these hats.

At any rate, Elizabeth's is done, and I'm a few inches into Esther's. After Esther's hats are done I'm making a Kindle cozy for me, and fingerless mitts for the girls. After that? We'll see. My "want to do" list is too long and I need to prioritize.

It has been COLD here, which doesn't really bother me. :P It has warmed up to 20 this morning, but it is gray, and we are getting some snow flurries, but nothing really severe.

We are back to our school routines. We had a successful start up yesterday and everyone pretty much slipped back into the regular schedule without any problems.

I am continuing to upgrade my new binder. So far so good! I'm feeling pretty good so far today, so I am hoping to catch up on a few odds and ends around here as well as getting more work done on my binder.

Have a great day everyone!

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