Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Newest Craze at the Beehive

I think I have opened Pandora's box in a way. I started knitting about two years ago, but it was very sketchy, and I didn't really start spending much time on it until last fall, and even then, it was off and on. This past summer, much to my surprise, I have really enjoyed it. The surprise was because I thought I wouldn't do any over the summer. I run hot, and when my hands sweat, I just can't knit or crochet. However, though we had enough hot and humid days to count as our fair share, the summer was cooler than normal, and I could sit in front of a fan and knit some evenings with ease. I ended up finishing my first prayer shawl for our Fibers of Faith ministry and started on a Baby Surprise Jacket.

My online knitting friend Jenny, got me addicted to it, so maybe I can blame her! She knits with great speed and ability and has some sweet things that she made for her new baby. You can visit her blog and see for yourself. I believe she has a friends' lock on, but you may request she let you view her blog. :)

I am about halfway through my BSJ, and already planning at least two more with some variations. An ambitious undertaking for this beginning knitter.

So, while I am enjoying the knitting, my daughter Esther has taken it up.

She has been persevering through mistakes and stumbles (she takes after her Mama that way!) and is progressing nicely, despite the fact she had to start her project over recently. I love the yarn she is using.

Over the last couple weeks I have been hearing "Oh I wish I could learn" from this child and that child. So last Friday, for "Home Ec", we did "Knitting, 101". Now you have to realize that me teaching this is like the blind leading the blind, but I figured I could get them started, and when I say "started" I mean at the very beginning.

After finding every spare set of needles that were in the 7-10 size range and scrap yarn, I sat the older four down at our table. I held up some yarn and said, "Okay class, what is this called?"

Benjamin said: "A Skein!!!!"

Wise-guy. Ha ha ha. I knew it was going to be a long class.

I continued: "Now that we know who is in the remedial class, let's start with a slip knot."

Easy, right? Not so much. Elizabeth took to it like a fish to water. Of course, she had had a little private instruction from time to time from Esther, so she had an advantage.

Everyone finally got it, Josiah with a little help from his big brother.

After spending a great deal of time on a slip knot, I showed them how to cast on. I use a simple and easy fingering method that a lady in my church, who is an expert knitter, showed me. Now THAT took some doing! LOL

Again, Elizabeth showed some aptitude at this.

Once we got the casting on accomplished I showed them how to knit the first row. I don't have any pics of this because my hands were very busy with three new students. I enlisted Esther's help as a tutor.

That was Friday morning. By the time we went to bed Friday night, Benjamin had had to restart his project about 7 times. He was not discouraged. I figured he would give it up, but he is keeping on with his project. Josiah seems to enjoy it as well. Elizabeth is making very good progress on her project. Oh, I forgot, they are all making scarves for themselves. Elizabeth is already planning her next project.

This next part isn't knitting, but it is just to prove I am making progress on Jerusha's quilt.

I am trying a continuous line heart stippling pattern. It is new to me and taking some getting used to, but I think I found the rhythm of it. Jerusha had requested hearts in her quilting. She must think I can do anything! LOL So, I do hearts in each of the blocks in the 9 patch, then regular stippling in the sashings. It is taking longer than I thought it would, and I found I am out of "quilting shape" as the back of my neck and shoulders where hurting after a while, but it felt good to be quilting!

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