Sunday, September 13, 2009

Field Trip and Treasure Hunting!

This post was supposed to be done last week, but I got totally sidetracked for some strange reason!

We were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit over Labor Day weekend. On Friday, the 4th, we went to the Science Museum for a field trip. Don't you just love home schooling?

This first pic is one of an exercise in leverage. You have someone or several someones sit on the swing.

Then they have the pivot point, and an I-beam with ropes hanging off and someone pulls like crazy.

... Or more than one somebody pulls like crazy, and it lifts the swing. Don't they look like the Van Trapp family swinging around?

My darling daughter (her initials are E.P.... not the one with glasses btw...) said from her perch opposite of this photo "Hey, look Mama! A geezer!"

Seriously, I tried not to laugh, but she was mispronouncing "geyser" and my dad just happened to be standing there when it went off. It was an honest mistake, but I couldn't stop laughing. Aren't I a nice daughter?

Here is where culprit was perched:

On Saturday the 5th, we went Treasure Hunting... a.k.a.... "yard saling". I used to do this a lot more but since we moved a few years ago ministry and a growing family, and having one vehicle for a good part of the time has made this impossible, except for once in a while.

I found to my relief that even "once in a while" can be very profitable. This summer is a perfect example. We have been so busy that I haven't even gone once yard saling until last weekend. All I can say is Jehovah Jireh! He knows what we can and cannot do and blesses greatly.

These were freebies: (Ummm, the puzzles, not the kids)

And these two desks (and a couple chairs not pictured) were free! I was especially looking for the computer desk.

These socks were free as well:

Here are some more finds at good yard sale prices:

This quilt was only $3! It is home made. Not a Singapore sweatshop production. You couldn't even buy the fabric for that cost.

Of course, I had to throw in this pic:

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