Saturday, September 19, 2009

Isaac - Almost 9 months

It is hard to believe that Wednesday Isaac will be 9 months old! This is exactly what I was afraid of: his growing up so quickly!

He is up to 22lbs, and has 4 teeth, with a couple more coming in that we can see. He is getting very socially vocal.. lots of sounds he can make. He loves to hear his voice in the auditorium at church because the tall ceiling makes for interesting acoustics. Cute, but a tad of a problem when his daddy is preaching. Isaac has a couple hot spots for being tickled. One is on the inside of his hand, and another is on his clavicle bones. He is trying to crawl, but does a few paces of crawling then decides to roll, as it is much faster.

He has recently mastered.. well, almost mastered, the art of sitting by himself. I still "spot" him as every so often he still loses his balance and will flop over. He can however go from sitting to on his hands and knees in a controlled motion.

His new favorite game is to make his way over to me, grab my hands, then pull himself up (with a little bit of help from Mama) to standing position. He is very strong, and is able to hold himself up, but has absolutely NO balance yet on his feet.

I wonder if this rubber fish qualifies as his first solid food?

We found this little game to be a favorite too! Maybe a budding musician!

Hey, don't laugh! A gal has got to get in sewing time somehow! (My sewing area is right next to him so I can keep one eye on him)

We love you Isaac!

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