Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smile!... Or Not

Since Isaac was born, we have taken many, many digital pics of him. What parent wouldn't? I know I have posted many pics of him smiling, but you have no idea of how hard that is for me. And only me. It seems that when I get my camera in front of my face, he is Mr. Sobersides. Not scared, not upset, just all of a sudden serious. You remember those old photographs of 150 years ago, when people NEVER smiled in front of the camera? Apparently Isaac has the same philosophy, but only when Mama is trying to take a cute picture. Why do you think I have so many pictures of him sleeping? At least then he doesn't see me with the little gray box in front of my face which is a automatic signal to him to stop laughing, smiling, or doing whatever ingenious and supercute thing he was doing.

Here is a pic from January. He was only a few weeks old, and even though he hadn't mastered smiling yet, this look is the basis for 8 months of infancy habit.

This next one was in February, after he had mastered the art of the full-faced, intentional and responsive smile:

And a sample from March:

How about laughing and holding one of the girls' dolls? Nope. From Mr. Smileyface to Mr. Sobersides in less time than it takes for the guy behind to honk his horn after the light turns green when you are driving in Boston:

Oh I know, when Memere is here Isaac always puts on the "cuteness" factor for her. I whip out the camera and then its:

You see the obvious pattern here, right?

Skip forward to last night. We were sitting at supper, and Esther had him laughing and squealing. It was SO funny, and SO adorable! How could I not snap a picture. I snuck out, got the camera and turned it on without Isaac noticing... then just as the picture was taken I got this:

Okay, so I decided to wait for a couple minutes while Esther continued with her antics and made Isaac laugh, squeal, and wave arms and legs around. It was SO funny, and SO adorable. I quickly took a picture and just before the camera captured his image he changed from the laughing, squealing, arm waving bundle of joy to:

Elizabeth, the little twit, got her camera out and took a perfect picture of him laughing and squealing on the first try. Okay, since he is in the mood, and his attention is on Elizabeth with the little gray box in front of HER face, I quickly pointed my camera in his direction and just as the camera did its thing Isaac, in the twinkling of an eye, changed to:

Guess what???

Seriously, these are NOT all the same pics. They are each taken seperately off my camera and uploaded here.

It was time for Family devotions, and as Dale was using his one free arm like an Italian, Isaac thought that was funny. He wasn't laughing and squealing, but he had that wonderful full bodied smile that I can never resist. Guess what the camera was able to catch?

I tried again and again, even tried getting a video of more laughing, giggling, squealing and limb waving, but all I got was:

Ah well, sometimes I can catch him in a wonderful, contagious, face-splitting smile, and other times it ain't a-happening.

This next shot has nothing to do with above... just some tomatoes we picked that evening from the garden. That doesn't include the 8 or 9 I sliced to go with supper. There are a ton of green tomatoes out there still. I can't wait for them to ripen!

(BTW... the pic at the top of the post was taken by Memere while she was here, and uploaded to our computer. Pfffft. )

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