Friday, August 28, 2009

Observations This Week.....

This week in the younger children's science unit study we were talking about observing an object. We studied about taking the time to observe how an object feels, smells, looks... is it shiny? Is it rough? Is it smooth? How big is it? What color is it? Yesterday we did a nature walk and made some observations.

I observed Jerusha looking at some Queen Ann's lace:

I observed Esther studying this purple weed:

I observed Elizabeth expending a great deal of energy pulling this maple seedling out of the ground:

I observed, from a safe distance, Caleb and Josiah watching this slug:

While we were outside I observed the broccoli needed cutting:

For Benjamin's science, we had a couple of lab experiments where we observed atomic activity:

The hot water made the blue dye spread faster because of the faster atomic activity than the cold water.

I also observed Benjamin tasting the cold water to see if the food coloring had any taste.

We also observed the effects of a chemical reaction where the gases from some boiled cabbage mixed with baking soda blew up this balloon.

This week I also observed Isaac trying to sit on his own:

I also observed that Isaac is now 22lbs, though I suspect that is from Mama's milk, and not the tag from the Boppy he is chewing on because of the 3, yup, that's right, 3 teeth I observed he is cutting.

I observed a recipe for sugarless banana oatmeal cookies online which I tested. I observed they were pretty good!

I observed that it has been a very good week, and that the Lord continues to bless us abundantly, for which I am grateful!

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