Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schoolwork, Kitchen Work and Fun!

Whooohooo... watch out, this is a pic heavy entry!

Earlier this month we were blessed to have my mom, AKA "Memere", here for a visit.

She introduced Isaac to a new "toy". A water bottle! Don't worry, we made sure the cap was on super tight.

While Memere introduced Isaac to the joys of the water bottle, we introduced Memere to the joys of the Olive Garden. We were quite the spectacle with all of us gathered around a couple of tables pushed together.

We don't go out to the Olive Garden very often, but when we do I always enjoy looking at their beautiful and eclectic collection of plates.

After my mother's visit, it was back to business as usual. We were busy... we started school on the 10th! I am still tweaking the schedule, and though we have a very full schedule for the first semester, I am excited about what we will be up to. Benjamin is starting in a new science book, and did his first experiment on density.

The above picture is too dark to see all the layers properly. In a glass, he put in maple syrup, then water, then oil. Then he dropped a grape, a cork, a rock, and an ice cube in simultaneously. He had to observe where each object ended up suspended.

Our garden is still producing, and we spent the morning this past Monday doing ups some green beans and peppers.

Isaac is trying to sit on his own, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. His older siblings are always willing to help him out.

Isaac has proved to be one of those babies that hates to nap. Esther seems to have the touch for getting him to sleep at times. I love this pic:

Still extremely humid here, though perhaps not as hot as it was. Next week looks much better!

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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