Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sewing List Interlude

I got started on a couple dresses for the twins, then was approached by my friend Amy, (you know, the one whose driveway I got mucked down in) whose children are in private Christian school. Her only dd is about 10, and is very very tall and skinny. Her uniform jumper is about to her knees, and she is quickly outgrowing it. Amy has a great deal of trouble finding dresses or jumpers that fit and are modest, so she asked me with a little desperation in her voice, if I could PLEASE make her dd two uniform jumpers if she brought me the fabric. She wanted them the same style as the previous one I made her, a simple slip over the head, A-line skirt, lined-bodice style. Well, okay then! Those are quick and easy.

Last friday we had them over for "tea time" and I literally spelled out what Amy should be looking for at JoAnn's. Now you have to understand Amy has absolutely NO CLUE as to any of this sewing stuff. I think she is even less knowledgeable than my mom. :P The following Saturday morning we traded off piano lessons for math tutoring, and she had th fabric... and a headache. LOL.

After lunch when things settled down I cut out the jumpers and started sewing. Then we had the usual get ready for supper and church the next day evening routines. Sunday hit, and we had company and it being the Lord's Day, I don't usually sew anyway.

Monday I had the normal organizational routines down by lunchtime, and after a little nap with Isaac I did some more sewing. I had forgotten we had our Fibers of Faith monthly meeting when I first told Amy I would have the jumpers done by Tuesday, when she came here to tutor Esther. So, I lost a couple hours but that was okay. We had a very productive meeting, and I actually got a good chunk of time to knit!

Monday evening we had about a half an hour of family music practice for the missions conference, then family devotions, kids to bed, and I sewed like crazy until Isaac needed me. Then I sewed a little more... then crashed for the night.

This morning I was up early with Isaac, did my Bible reading then hit the sewing again. I delegated everything but diaper changing and feeding the baby to everyone else, and got the jumpers done at 10:25 am. Amy was due to come around 10:30. She was thrilled with them! Whew!

Back to my regularly scheduled sewing... which I was planning on tackling this afternoon, but Isaac fell asleep in the sling, then in the swing, which is right next to the sewing machine, so I put together the chicken enchiladas for supper and knitted for a while. I am making a lap robe out of a basketweave stitch. I am finally really enjoying knitting and getting much more relaxed with it.

Anyhoo... here is a pic of the jumpers. Amy picked a navy blue Kona cotton. The fabric was great to work on. Kona usually is!

Eventually I get back to the girls dresses... Isaac needs to be changed and fed, then I'll be going for a nice walk in this gorgeous weather! There is always this evening.. maybe!

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