Monday, March 30, 2009

"Sew" Fun!

Oh yes, oh yes! I had a "girls day out" with my friend Lori, a really talented quilter, much to Dale's chagrin. I have been searching for a pattern that struck my fancy and was doable in the amount of time between now and my niece's wedding in July. Many patterns were pretty, and fun, or quick.. but they were TOO simplistic, or TOO involved, or would take too much quilting, or.. or.. or... I really wasn't trying to be picky, but I wanted something quick and easy, and something I can machine quilt FAST! I also decided I wanted to step outside my comfort zone as far as what types of colors and fabrics I pick. My friend Lori has a wonderful sense of style and taste and leans towards more contemporary quilts. She graciously let me browse through some of her wonderful books Friday while she was here for tea. I actually found the pattern. You know how it is... a certain pattern or fabric just sticks in your imagination like glue, and you just HAVE to do something about it. Here is the pattern I chose:

Sorry about the flash in it, but you get the idea. I'm going to make a throw quilt instead of a queen sized. That way my niece and her hubby can have a comfy cozy cuddle up and read, play a game, or watch a movie type of quilt. If she doesn't like the colors, then it won't be taking over their bedroom. LOL

I am making some changes though. The pattern makes a 49" by 49" and I decided to add a couple rows to it so it will be a bigger cuddle quilt. That sent my friend and I on a math quest that would give my daughter Esther a major headache. We figured about 1/3 or a little more added to each amount. Also, if you see in the pic, the pinks are actually scraps. I am doing all one fabric for the pinks.

Speaking of fabric, we drove an hour to a really nice rag shop (that's New Englandese for fabric store) that sells wonderful fabric. You would normally pay $9 or $10 per yard for the quality I bought for $5 or $6 a yard. The fabric at JoAnn's would do in a pinch, but this is what I call a "high holy" quilt... it is for a wedding gift, after all, and I want it to be quality-made so it will last. Dale did reluctantly agree. I don't think he really knew what I was talking about but figured it was easier to trust me than to send me into a litany of what different fabrics are like and why and how come the better quality is necessary for this gift. He would have glazed over long before I made my point.

Oh, I got to drive the big van for the first time too! It drives very much like the SUV did, just longer. It was also a gorgeous spring day, and I had Isaac and the twins with us. Anyway, here is a pic of the fabric:

No muted tones for this quilt! These fabrics are Batiks. I've never used them before, but I can tell just from handling the fabric it is going to be heavenly using such luscious fabric. Picture the quilt like this... the muslin (which was $5 a yard for 90" wide.. the deal of the day, IMO.) will be the backing, the marbley fabric for wherever you see pink, and the deep, rich, indigo for wherever you see blue in the pattern, and the white with the subtle marble in it is the background.

This can very easily be rotary cut and assembly lined pieced. It is two simple blocks put together, the Shoo Fly, and Ohio Star. I am sure I will have leftover fabric too, isn't that a pity?

I also got some Tropical Breeze and a knit for two more nursing tops for this summer. That was on sale for $3 per yard, which is pretty good.

We went out for a late lunch/early supper after the shopping was done. I can't wait to get the fabric prepped and start working on that quilt! Before I do that I have a few necessities for the girls to do first. That quilt will be my reward for keeping up with the spring/summer sewing list.

And who can resist a wicked cute pic of a laughing baby? (By the way, he had the typical male reaction to being a fabric store. He was tired and cranky until he was able to fall asleep! He slept in the sling after that until we were ready to go, but my, what a mouth full of cry while I was choosing fabric! It's a good thing Lori was there to help me.)

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