Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Fellowship

This past weekend we were blessed to have stay at our house a missionary family getting ready to go to England. They have 8 lovely children, ages 17 down to 4 1/2 months.

They were just passing through our area on their way home from several weeks of meetings. We were very glad to put them up for a couple nights, and frankly wish it was more! This is the same family we had for our missionary conference back in March. Now, it isn't easy travelling with a large family, homeschooling, and keeping up with ministry schedules, facing opposition (you wouldn't believe the nonsense some churches put them through!), so if you think of it, pray for the Rooney's. They still need support to get to the field to which God has called them.

Monday night was... busy...packed... fun... not sure how do describe it! A pastor friend and his family stopped by "for just a few minutes" to test drive our SUV. His little Escort gave up the ghost last week, and between their school schedules and his work schedules, they really do need two vehicles. Now this pastor is a big guy... and picturing him getting out of a little Escort tickled our fancy. Getting in and out with ease from our SUV tickled his fancy. So, the Lord laid an amount on our hearts to ask them, which *just happened* to be the same exact amount they were afraid to ask us, so after they both test drove it, they agreed to purchase it from us. That is an answer to prayer as we are putting the money toward a bigger van. We are just plain outgrowing our vehicles! It will also give the the money to get my dh's VW back on the road, and that will save a lot in gas going back and forth to work.

Anyway, this stopping by for "just a few minutes" turned into several hours, and they ended up staying for supper. I was glad for all the good fellowship going on! We had 18 children tearing around the yard (well, not the baby, the adults were passing her around), and 6 measly adults. We were clearly outnumbered! LOL. At supper I asked the pastor and his family to stay, cautiously eyeballing my one crock pot full of king ranch chicken (recipe doubled, but still!). I couldn't ignore the tug of hospitality, but I was praying "Lord.. make this food go around!". We had peas and lots of banana bread, and ice cream for dessert. We had just enough for everyone to have a nice plate full of food. No, we didn't have 12 baskets left over, but that is fine. I just wanted enough to go around!

I wish now I had gotten a picture of our very cram-jammed kitchen while we were all eating. Yes, we all actually had a place to sit! Talk about close fellowship! Even if I thought of it, I don't think I could have gotten through the kitchen from my perch to where the camera was in the living room.

Now some ladies may say "Oh you poor thing! all those people!" Nonononono... I loved it. It was a blessing to be an oasis for the missionaries and extend the hand of fellowship to another pastor and his family. Was it a lot of work? Yes, of course, but I did have help. Was I tired at night? Of course! I'm not superbaptisthomeschoolingwoman for crying out loud. I slept like a rock. The Rooney's had to leave today, and we spent the morning doing some tidying up, washing bedding and towels, and some schoolwork. Strange to say.. the house seems too quiet, even with our children tearing around.

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