Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Doin's

We had a pretty light school load today so we did a little baking for tomorrow. We are making lunch for the crew of a Habitat for Humanity project near us. It happens to be for a family that we are acquaintances with. The husband is interim pastor at a church in the next town over as well, and called to invite us to a "Sinspiration" on Oct. 12th, and asked us to do some special music too that night. It was kind of him to think of us, but that is during our regular service time for Sunday nights, and we won't be able to make it.

Before things really got rolling this morning, Elizabeth volunteered to do Jerusha's hair. It is always fun to see what creations she comes up with for her little sister! Sometimes it is lots of little braids in her hair, sometimes some pretty butterfly clips. Today it was buns. Three of them. Here is a pic of the back of Jerusha's head (who, btw, doesn't cry when Elizabeth does her hair but screams like I'm ripping her arm off when she sees me with a hairbrush):

We have a tradition in our home that whenever we make pancakes, I make a HUGE pancake for daddy. The same is true for making cookies. Here is the "Daddy Cookie" my son Benjamin made while doing a double batch of chocolate Chip cookies (and I've banned him from baking cookies when we are all so hungry! ooooh, they smelled good!):

If you look on the right side of the pic you can see Dale pointing to the cookie. It is sitting on a 9" paper plate. Hope he saved room for dessert!

I also had time to work on my dress, and completed the bodice.. Yay! I started on the skirt but didn't get very far before I had to quit for supper. I have to say, that after getting the bodice done, it feels like the project is almost completed! The skirt should be pretty quick in comparison. I'll post a pic when that is finished.

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