Friday, September 19, 2008

26 Week Update

I had an appointment on Thursday with my MW. My bp was 110/60, my gain about 1.5 lbs a week (consistant with how it has been the last few months), and baby's heartrate good. I'm feeling plenty movement, no swelling (well, except in one place hehehehehe), and basically feel good though my hips feel like they are starting to loosen up. Seems like that happens earlier every pregnancy!

We talked about how I felt emotionally, too, and threw around a few ideas about inducing as soon as my body is showing signs of readiness. No tomatoes please. In this case, I am all for natural induction, but again, not just anytime. I want my body to be ready.

I did have some bloodwork done, and I'm waiting for the results for that.

My mom is out this weekend on a quickie visit, so it is great to have Memere here to chat with. Of course, the children are thrilled. Now if I can just get those silly songs she is teaching them out of my head...
Does your chewing gum loose its flavor on the bedpost overnight... UGH!

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