Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shoe string budget provided by the Lord

All the families I know love a good deal, and need to live frugally. I love it when the Lord provides and seeing His hand work in our family's provision. Today, after the normal Saturday morning chaos of piano lessons, basic cleaning, and Dale and one of the children going soul winning, we had a quick lunch, then went off for some errands.

First and foremost... we went out for ice cream! I had promised the children if they could each recite to me Psalm 136 then we would take them out today. They have been working hard on it, and last night all the readers recited it very well.

Then we went to the thrift store. We bought 8 pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, a Motherhood nursing top, and two books.

Then we went to a local grocery to pick up some meat, fruit, coffee, tea, baby aspirin, and dish detergent.

What did this outting cost us? A whopping $21.91. That's it.. for everything. How, do you ask? I'm glad you did. We were given some certificates for the ice cream, and basically got all of them free. We were given a gift card for the grocery store, and didn't pay a dime there. Our only "expense" was for the finds at the thrift store.

We came home and made pizza for supper. One sheet cheese pizza, one sheet pepperoni, and one round veggie. I have to honestly say that not only is it MUCH cheaper making it ourselves, but it is better quality than any I have had from the store, or in any resteraunt. Kudos to the chefs!

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