Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is Why I Have Gray Hairs

Seriously.  Children produce gray hairs, there is no getting around it.  This morning Josiah came up to me and  said : "Look Mom, I cut myself."

I was trying to see where the cut was on his finger, then he went to put it in his mouth.  Of course, I admonished him.... "Don't put that in your mouth!  Clean it off in the sink!"  Then, with a sly little grin, he pulled one of those hot balls out of his mouth.  You know, that RED candy.  

Little Stinker.  (I won't bore you of the details of the chase around the house with me yelling at him and trying to catch him that ensued.)   He got me good on that one!  

Okay... back to packing I go.  

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