Saturday, April 20, 2013

Odds and Ends

Our trip is winding down, and this is our last night in the Hampton Inn.  This week has flown by, and we have really enjoyed our time with my brother and his family, and exploring the area (some planned, some not planned, but all fun just the same!), but honestly, I'm looking forward to being in my own bed, and seeing my husband and children in real life instead of on Skype.

To wrap up this road trip blog I'm going to make this and "Odds and Ends" type entry, with lots of pics.  This first section will be family related.  :)

My sister in law, Melinda and their newest addition, Frederick.  Look at those eyes!

Peter helping Daddy (my brother Paul) mow the lawn.

Hannah... she and I did each other's nails.  She's their only daughter, so we had to have some "girl" time.

Kenneth, their oldest.  Honestly, he looks just like his father did at that age!

Daniel... his response to my request to "look natural".

Aunt Lisa (Lil' ol' me) getting a baby fix and enjoying some time on the swing with Hannah and Kenneth.

Cuddle time! (That's my brother and Peter)

That's a mighty fine looking family!

Visiting is so exhausting.

I wonder how long Daddy can hold his head up before he loses feeling in his arm?

Ice cream sandwiches on the front porch!  (and on our hands, our shirts, our faces..... )

This is pretty popular down here, whatever it is.

We think it may be some sort of holly, but not sure.

Here is our pal Jill.  Isn't she great? LOL

I've never heard of this restaurant chain before.   We ate there a couple of times, and it was wonderful!  Their steak was tender, and the salmon was fresh and grilled perfectly.

Oh this... I love the benches.  I was thinking these would be good on our porch. 

We had dinner with my brother and his family at a Golden Corral one night.  When I asked for unsweetened tea, the server looked at me as if to say, "Oh, great, a Yankee."  Then, to add insult to injury, I put in a packet of Sweet and Low to give it just a little sweetening.  Their sweet tea is way to sweet for me, but I do like a little sweetening.  Crazy, isn't it?

Looks like Frederick is enjoying his tea too.  LOL!

Nice sling.  Oh, look, there is a baby in there!

See that tuft of fuzz?  That is Frederick's head.  He napped, cozied up to Mama for a bit while we ate.

Okay, everyone smile.... er, never mind.  

We went to the BJU store on campus and I came away with some goodies.  

Oh honey, guess what I got for you?

So much happened this week, and so much fun and good conversations that it would be impossible to record them here.  It has been a wonderful trip, and a real blessing to be able to come down to visit family with my mom.  The last time we did this trip Jerusha was 3 months old, and she came with us.  That was almost exactly 8 years ago.  Time sure does fly!

Time for me to say goodnight.  We leave a O'darkthirty in the morning tomorrow. 


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