Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Sewing Finished!

With all the packing, list making, preparing for Talents for Christ AND a road trip with my mom, plus the usual school work, chores, and living everyday life, I've managed to finish up a couple of sewing projects.  The first is a crib quilt for my newest nephew, whom we will see on our road trip.  I'm calling it "Road Trip to South Carolina".  Soooo imaginative, isn't it?  I used the tutorial here for the pattern.  It was super easy and fun to do.  I machine quilted with meandering lines, using variegated thread, and machine stitched the binding in the front, then hand sewed it in the back.

I also made these skorts from this pattern.  Just scroll down the products until you find the modest playwear pattern.  It has easy to follow directions, and the measurements seem true to size.  DO follow the measurements, and not your normal "size" you buy in the store.

This is a close up of the culottes under the skirt part.  I did some fun stitching from my machine, but you can't see it here.  

The weather has reverted back to almost winter here.  We had a major thunderstorm last night here, and our next door neighbor's phone lines were taken out with lightening.  The rain came down in droves.  They say by Saturday we could be looking at snow flurries again!  But next week we are back to some spring here, so I keep telling the kids to just wait patiently. This time of year the weather changes quickly.

Back to packing and doing laundry, etc.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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