Thursday, April 18, 2013

Talents for Christ

After months of preparation, we attended the annual Talents for Christ competition in Bloomsburg, PA.  We had a wonderful stay with our host family (us girls, that is) and the boys stayed at the church, and camped out for the night, with several men supervising.  I took some pics, of course!

 Here is the Quiz team in action.  The back row of students are from another church.

Here is our group, along with Pastor Montgomery from the church in Roulette.  He "coached" the team.

The church provided wonderful meals for supper Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

More eating.... whadda surprise. (Hey, it was a Baptist gathering after all!)

From left to right: Mrs. Greene, her daughter Hannah, and Esther.

This was my first attempt at getting Hannah's picture.  Just like Esther, she HATES to have her picture taken.

Leasa Fair and Sheri Greene

Our hostess had this bird... parakeet or something?  It made a squawk that sounded like a toddler crying.  Of course, as a mother, I was trying to figure out what kid on the block was making so much fuss.  Then I found out it was her bird.  He was very beautiful in real life.  This pic doesn't do him justice.

I loved, loved, loved her vintage stove.  The burners are on a drawer type thing. You can push it in when not in use.  They don't make them like this anymore!

One of the events Saturday was Bible Knowledge, based on the same passages they had been studying for Bible Quiz Team.  Don't they look like they are working hard?

Elizabeth receiving a ribbon.  They all got awards and ribbons, but mostly I captured the back of their heads, so I decided not to add it in here.  You get the idea of the proceedings however.

How small can Benjamin fold up?????

Hannah Greene, Josiah, Esther, Benjamin, Elizabeth, and Heather Greene made up our large ensemble.

There was lots of fun amongst the competition!  

Look at that artwork Leasa Fair's daughters did for the competition.  Amazing!  Lots of ribbons and awards were received in our group.

They all did a wonderful job, and now that I've seen the set up, and the options, lots of ideas are brewing in my brain for the kids for next year.  Mwhahahahahahaha!  

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Anonymous said...

Shoot me an email and let me know what church in Bloomsburg- you were in Duane's family's area, and we have supporting churches in the area too..... Great to see your updates!