Friday, April 19, 2013

Quilt Shop Hunting

Before leaving for South Carolina, I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking up Quilt shops in the area I would be in.  It was a high priority task, and I was very careful with my list. Never mind that other packing... like clothes, toothpaste, that sort of thing.  First things first, you know.

So I had my handy dandy list, and on Wednesday Mom, Jill, and I took off to parts unknown (Jill is my mom's GPS, if you remember from the previous post).    We plugged in the first stop, and one of the first things we did was take a wrong turn about 500 feet from the hotel.


Jill then sternly told us how to get back to where we were supposed to be, and we were off again... this time in the right direction.  We traveled without incident until we were almost to our destination.


"Turn right, 100 feet."

I was looking around wondering what on earth Jill was talking about.  There was nothing but dirt driveways, heavy laden with potholes all around us.

Shrugging, we turned in.  We came to a fork, and took a left.


Oops... Mom found a place to turn around, and priding ourselves on not ending up in a ditch, we went back to the fork, bouncing along on the dirt road.  We went up in the proper direction.  I was looking at numbers in the house, and my mom pulled into a driveway ( aka... a wide, dirt spot in front of a trailer, and no business sign to be found anywhere) and there was an older gentleman, short, thin, in an over sized old plaid shirt and navy blue work pants.

He smiled and waved at us.  Mom rolled down her window (aka "winder") and asked where the quilt shop was.

"You're looking at it, ma'am," he replied.

Oh.  Really?

"I'll go get her for ya," and off he shuffled towards the trailer.

Go get her?  Why does he have to get her?  And where is the sign for the establishment, if it is one?

We got out of the Ca-Ca car (see previous post in regards to the name, thanks to my you know where I get all my charm from!) and approached the trailer.  A short, older lady, in her bathrobe, came to do the door.

"Well, ya'll come right in!  So glad to see you!"  Remember, this is all with a southern drawl.

We followed her into her kitchen, and she invited us to sit.  "I'll be right with you," and she disappeared in another room.

"Don't sit down!" my mom whispered to me.

You get the idea.  We had a very nice chat with the lady, and she was very gracious and hospitable, but she made quilts sometimes.  She had closed her shop due to the economy, and didn't sell fabric anymore.

We thanked her for her time.  I had noticed pictures on the wall of her family, and was about to compliment her on the fine looking bunch, but stopped myself.  If I had, we would still be there now hearing the details of all her kin.

She did give us directions to a super Walmarts in a nearby town that had "fine fabric, on bolts and everything".  I had no intention of going to Walmarts  (call me a fabric snob but ICK!!!!) but we were hungry and figured there would be somewhere to catch some lunch and use a bathroom.

We left, got back on the main road (and I use the word "main" very loosely here) and drove.  And then took another wrong turn. Jill wasn't on so she couldn't scold us.  However, after a bit, when we took a right instead of a left and realized we were going in the totally wrong direction, I plugged in the next place, which in Greenville, just for kicks and grins to see where we were.  We had no clue.   Ended up we went the LONG way to Greenville, around the cow shed, so to speak.

The next place wasn't too hard to find, but .... it was all upholstery and no quilting fabric to be found.  To make an already long story short, we ended up after that taking several wrong turns, and Jill began to sigh and say "Recalculating.... "  in such a way that it sounded like "Recalculating..... again....".  I gave up on the quilt shops.  We finished off by hitting Hancock's in Greenville, and that was most satisfying.  I will be attempting this quilt along, even though it is a year later.  I've gotten the EPP templates, and now I have the fabric.

The dark aqua blue will be the sprockets, the cream the background and hexagons, and the dark will be the backing, and the others will be the diamonds in the sprocket block.  I'm looking forward to starting this!  It will be an excellent hand project.

Have a blessed night everyone!

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