Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pressing On...

We are trying to get back to business here. After Thursday we were all moping around (except Dale... he felt sorry for Mattan but more so for the kids because of their sadness)and trying to occupy our time while we got over the shock. We still look for him from time to time, and more than once a couple of us has gone to do the door to call him at the accustomed times.

The promise of a new kitty has softened the blow, and we got online together to look up the local SPCA. They had some pictures of kittens they have available. I called to ask some questions. After a brief discussion with Dale he said, "Well, you've done all the homework. All we have to do now is find a time to get down there as a family during their open hours."

We are hoping to be able to do that this week. Maybe by the weekend we'll have a new addition to our family.

Meanwhile, I hit the sewing pile. Our new church outfits are done, after a long delay. I was hoping to have them done before vacation, but alas, I just plain ran out of time.

From my hand:
Jerusha's jumper and blouse
Esther's skirt
Elizabeth's skirt

From Lilies of the Field:
Esther's blouse
Elizabeth's blouse
My blouse

Next up..... working on Isaac's quilt for his 2nd birthday on the 23rd. Eeeek!


Anonymous said...

The clothes are wonderful! Where did you get your skirt from? I love the color...I used to have a skirt in a similar color (It was moleskin, I think) and it was my FAVORITE skirt. :) Alas, 12 years and 9 kids later, let's just say it hasn't fit for a while, lol.

Hugs to you my friend!

Lisa said...

I got my skirt off Ebay. It is a Christopher and Banks. :) I love moleskin too! Our skirts and Jerusha's jumper are all moleskin. The blouses (except Jerusha's) are a poly cotton mix. The outfits are almost all wash and wear, no ironing! yay! LOL

...they call me mommy... said...

Very nice, Lisa! Your girls are getting so tall seeming to me! (of course, how would I know since I'm just part of the good 'ole www! :P)

So sorry on the passing of Mattan! :(

CONGRATS on your writing challenge met!! Great job! :) Are you going to put your story on your blog? ;)