Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Things are really getting Christmassy here! Here is some proof that the holiday spirit is prevailing:

Last night we decorated our little Charlie Brown tree.

Ummm..... that's not the tree.

Oh yeah, so innocent looking. Too bad my halo is held up with horns.

Okay... those aren't trees either. Really, we do know what a tree is.

Yeah, I know... not a tree either. What a face. Only a mother could love it.

We did finally get around to the tree, after a lot more goofing around from which I will spare you.... the finished product looked something like this:

I say "something like" because after about an hour Isaac decided to rearrange some of the ornaments, then I saw evidence of Pumpkin doing the same this morning.

Last Saturday the kids treated Dale and I to a "date night". Pizza was on the menu, but they did up the kitchen like a little restaurant. They switched around the big table and little table, so that we could have our own little romantic spot in the side of the kitchen.

We had a lovely pizza dinner with some sparkling cider, and were waited on hand and foot. In fact, when I got up to refill my own water, I was thoroughly scolded by the maitre'd.

Part of our decorations is a little bouquet of mistletoe. Fair warning to all, if you are standing under it, you are fair game. Isaac found that out last night.

One of the kids' favorite decorations is our little Christmas Village.

I have been working diligently on my projects and putting in every spare moment. I am glad to say that Isaac's birthday quilt is finished... two days ahead of time! I just need to wrap it.

The rest of the week we have some special baking to do (oh, there goes my diet! Oh no! LOL) and a TON of wrapping to finish up. Overall, things are on schedule and though I have one little secret project to finish up, I'm feeling much less stressed than I was about a week ago. I'm even getting some non-holiday sewing and knitting done during my down times.

I'm still fighting this throat cold, but overall I think it is getting better. Hopefully. The coughing is calming down some, which is so exhausting when you spend most of your time sounding like you are hacking up a lung. It isn't in my bronchial tubes at all, just all in my throat, which makes it sound horrendous.

Last Sunday the kids and Dale sung a nice special at church. I tried all day yesterday to post the video I took of it but cannot get it to work. After trying several different tactics from the laptop and desktop computers, I believe the problem is on Bloggers end, and not mine. I will try again posting it in the future. They did a really good job! Benjamin played guitar, Elizabeth and Josiah played recorders, Esther played violin, and the remainder bodies sang, except for me, who bowed out from throat troubles. This mama was very proud of her brood! I'll keep trying to get the video on, but I may have to resort to showing it to grandparents when they come visiting, and stop hiding in the south. :P

Have a blessed day!

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...they call me mommy... said...

HAHAHA! I totally love the picture of you "pretending" not to know who tied the bow in your dd's hair!

And as always, that quilt is GORGEOUS, woman! :D

Merry Christmas!!