Friday, September 10, 2010

The Saga Continues....

I know this may sound paranoid, but why is it when I need wheels, the vehicles go on strike? I can go all summer without really needing the van and it works fine. Then I hit a season of needing to do eye doctor, and soon dentist appointments, and right now, the vehicles are not reliable. Here is the general update:

Esther's glasses are on order. For now she is making do with a pair that don't have a strong enough prescription.

Benjamin's glasses... what a fiasco. Dale had called Tuesday to see what our insurance covered as far as replacement glasses. He talked to them, and they checked things out and said yes, he could get a pair, but the lady that did that was out from an accident. There was a new gal in, but she had no clue what was going on. Due to Benjamin REALLY NEEDING glasses, they said, just bring him on up, they'd get it figured out.

I also called them after talking to Dale to confirm we could go up on Tuesday. I could kill two birds with one stone that way, so it worked out for us to go up in the afternoon. I got everyone packed up, leftover schoolwork, diaper bag, etc. We got there and Benjamin was in the office for 5 minutes and they said "Oh, we can't do this today. The lady isn't in and the new girl doesn't know where stuff is yet." They gave him a card and said to call back Wednesday AFTER 5pm. I was irritated, to say the least. They told both Dale and I that it was okay to go up that day.

It was later that day when all the van trouble started so I never called them back, and Benjamin is still using taped up glasses which are not holding up at all. I'm calling up there today and seeing if they have enough info on file that they can just order another pair just like the ones he has. Oiy vey.

Long story short... the big van looks like an easy fix. Dale got under there and looks like the wires to the starter are corroding and just need to be replaced. The white van.. that is another story. We are going to have to take it down to the mechanics and see what is up. We may be in the market for a new second vehicle if the tranmission needs to be replaced.

No news on the crock pot. Our attention has been elsewhere. I miss it though. Today isn't so busy a day so I'll probably call them at some point and see if we can get a replacement crock. Hopefully it won't take until next year to get here.

Oh, and just to add lemon juice to the paper cuts, yesterday two of the boys were fooling around and knocked over a living room lamp. Thankfully the lamp survived, but the bulb did not. Then the bulb in the other lamp went out just because.

I am thankful that my sewing machine and coffee maker are unaffected by these mechanical melt downs. And the computer. But no offense, I would rather the computer died than my sewing machine or coffee maker.

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