Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Felted Soaker

Remember the soaker I posted about yesterday? Well, it was WAY, I mean WAYYYYYYYYYYY too big for Isaac. The knitting came out wonderfully, but it was gigantic on my little man so I decided to purposely shrink it in the dryer.

I resulted, of course, in making it "felted". Also a lot smaller, but it will fit Isaac now, at least. I like it felted because it is a little thicker, and feels more sturdy. On the downside, there is very little "stretch" to the middle part, and thus not too much growing room. It also takes FOREVER to dry after a quick hand washing. However, it is usable, and I still love it.

I started another one yesterday only to frog it out. I had started it the same size as the one I ended up felting, but didn't want to have to felt this one, so I restarted a size smaller, after taking some measurements. Hopefully, this one, one be ginormous on the little cutie. Anyway, here is the "felted" soaker:

Today I am working on pressing the HST's units I made yesterday, and starting the sewing together of a bazillion little 2", 2-patch units. I am hoping to have all these put together and pressed by tonight. Somehow, between schooling, chores, and chasing Isaac around, I'll try to get it done!

Have a blessed day!

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