Friday, September 10, 2010

Bee Unit Study

We are just finishing up a unit study on bees. I have used the Brandenburg unit study for the most part, but did some of our "own thing" here and there.

Three were some excellent web links available. One was on how bees were created and not evolved. This link tells a little about that. We also learned about the different kinds of bees, and what their jobs are. There were a couple of fun links for simulations. My favorite one was when Elizabeth was the Queen bee and killed off all her colony. I asked why she did that, and she said:

"They didn't bring my coffee in time."

A girl after my own heart!

We learned about honey and how bees communicate to each other where the honey can be found. We also learned about nutrition. We baked these awesome whole wheat, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies. They are made with honey, no sugar, and with applesauce, no oil. Delicious! I think I already posted the recipe for that.

We had a huge beehive in one of our trees this summer, and after it was knocked down, we salvaged a piece and got to study it over.

As a craft today, we made this beehive mobile, and attached it to the chandelier above our table. Fitting for us, don't you think?

Isaac wanted to be part of the fun, apparently. He took his turn on the computer. :)

I would highly suggest the Brandenburg study! You can follow it exactly, or as a guideline. Sometimes we follow their lesson plans, sometimes we don't. They always have some very nice links and free updates to the files,handouts, printouts, craft ideas, book and video recommendations, and beautiful pictures. I got mine at during their awesome end of summer sale last month.

Happy learning!

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