Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Multicolored Soaker

I finished this up this morning before things got rolling here. I was intending on finishing it up last night, and had about two dozen stitches left to cast off when it was time to put Isaac down for bed, and then spent some time with Dale, then we hit the sack. It was a very busy day yesterday and I slept like a rock!

This morning after my Bible reading time I had time to finish up the soaker before breakfast time. I love the colors in this! So fun!

Right now I am lanolizing it and then will block it. Time to start the next one...

Oh, and yesterday I also cut out all the pieces for the lap quilt. I will be working on that in between jumps (hopefully) and knit in the evening while winding down. I am picturing the finished lap quilt in my mind, and can't wait to see it come to fruition. Hopefully it will look and nice in reality as it does in my imagination. :)

Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

looks like Isaac is having fun! We still don't have regular access to a computer, but I will e-mail or call (hee-hee) when I do. miss you my friend, happy fall!
(hugs) Shellee