Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Project on HOLD, and Another on HIGH PRIORITY

Sometimes a quilter has got to do, what a quilter has got to do. That is all there is to it.

I started Isaac's quilt this past week, but didn't get very far. I have been plagued with this notion in my head about a special quilt to make for a very special lady in my life who is turning 90 at the end of October. There is going to be a big birthday gathering, catered, and we will definately be there.

All along another special lady (Hi MOM!!!!) has been saying "No gifts" but how can I resist making a lap quilt for the woman who got me going on quilting? Anyway, with approval from that organizing special lady ( Hi Mom Again!!!!) it was agreed a gift given at home before the party would be fine, so off I went with Esther to the rag shop after lunch today.

This particular little quilting shop is going out of business. Boooohoooo! I'm so sad to see them go, but since they were having a sale, I figured what could it hurt to get the fabric I needed for my Grandmother's lap quilt?

What harm? Well, we'll see after the credit card bill comes in. :D

I had an impressive list of general supplies I needed, but found when we got there that there was really very little left as far as rotary cutter blades, quilting notions, and thread and needles, etc. And I noticed their stock of fabric is about half or less of what it was before the sale. Their inventory is definately going quickly! We were able to find some goodies however.

Some hand quilting needles that I am in desperate need of! Yeah, size 8... beginners size, I know. I think my grandmother uses 12 or smaller. I also found some quilting needles for the machine.

I couldn't resist this little booklet pattern. It looks simple, easy, and cute. I even have fabric on hand to use for it already!

I am a closet fat quarter lover. But I never really know what to do with them other than a disappearing 9 patch or something like that. This book was full of great ideas and designs, and I'm looking forward to using it soon!

Esther and I both oooh'd and ahhhhh'd over these already made Amish blocks. There are 6 finished blocks per pack, sampler style. She wants to learn the art of hand quilting, so this winter we will put sashing around the blocks and hand quilt it together. This is definitely not a quick project!

I have always wanted to do an Amish quilt project, and this was a great opportunity to get started on one. I even had on my list some fabrics for starting an Amish style lap quilt.

Last but not least, here are the fabrics I picked out for the lap quilt for my grandmother's birthday. Just in case you are wondering, this quilt will have to be done by or before October 30th. And just to make it more interesting, we may be gone the week before that on vacation. Any bets as to whether or not I can pull this off? It will be all machine pieced. I am using THIS pattern.

Well, I need to go prep fabric and get going! No time to waste on this project!

Have a blessed day everyone!


Winona said...

Lisa, those are such lovely fabrics. They will make a beautiful quilt for your grandma. Of course you can do it! I will be checking in to offer encouragement. I think it is so sweet of you to want to make a lap quilt for your grandma. I sure miss both of mine. Love those Amish blocks. You and Esther will have a wonderful time hand quilting them this winter. Great books too. Lynette Jensen is my favorite designer. Well, I think I about talked your ear off here. LOL Have a fun weekend. Winona

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I finally got here. I LOVE the fabrics...and the blocks....and I'm going to have to look for that book now too. I'll be sure to tell my husband it's all because of you :P I'm like you, I love fat quarters and usually get stumped with ideas for them.